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Every project is unique and done by hand. Text or email me a photo of your project and let's talk about what you are trying to achieve. I can let you know what level of restoration is possible and I can more accurately estimate the cost and timing.



1-2 hours

Includes consultation, high res scan, retouching of minor scratches, tears and spots, and final file delivery.





4+ hours

The original image is extensively damaged or faded, detailed sections are missing and need to be rebuilt.

Estimated in advance at:

$50 per hour

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2-3 hours

Includes consultation, high res scan, repair major scratches, tears, creases and simple color or value restoration. 



P&R 1942 retouched IG.png

Colorizing B&W PHOTOS

per hour

Hand coloring of images to create an authentic historic look. Colorization is done in conjunction with restoration.


$50 per hour

Moyra retouched.png


3-4 hours

Includes consultation, high res scan, extensive restoration of missing pieces, background removal or change, detailed color or value restoration. 



Elias in frame.png


per image cost

High-quality print using archival paper and inks. Up to 8x10 images are $25 each, up to 13x19 images are $40 each plus shipping.

Prints up to 13x19

$25-$40 per image

How it works

  1. Text or email a photo of your project and let's discuss what's possible, rates and timing.

  2. Send me the original image and I'll create a high-resolution scan. Alternately, you can scan the image and upload a high-quality file to my drop box (I'll give you a secure link). FedEx office does a good job of scanning if you don't want to send the photo through mail - have them do it at 1200 dpi.

  3. I'll restore the image and send you a draft version to review. You approve the edit, I finalize it.

  4. I provide final layered Photoshop or TIFF files of the retouched image as well as versions that are conveniently sized for social media and email. All files are uploaded to a secure link for you to easily download.

  5. If you want a high-quality print, I can print it using archival paper and inks.

  6. I send back your original images and your new prints.